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The consultancy of Jonathan Riddell



Custom Linux Distributions

I specialise in creating custom Linux distros.

I am the first Ubuntu Core Developer, Ubuntu Release Team member and developer of the first Ubuntu flavour, Kubuntu.

I created a custom Linux distribution for cash machine market leader NCR to run on their machines in place of Windows.

I create the desktop showcase KDE neon, for the first time integrating deployment with continuous integration directly in the community who make the software.

Open Source Desktop Installations

My software is used in the world's largest Linux desktop rollouts. I have also helped many individuals install Linux on their desktops. I can provide advice and help in converting your systems to free software.

App Development

I use Qt to create apps which work across platforms, on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

Community Management

I have organised open source communities for over a decade, running projects with KDE, Ubuntu and independently.

I can help you organise your software project as a community orientated project, using the power of the internet to create a competitive advantage.

Kayak and Canadian Canoe Coaching

I am a UKCC qualified coach for kayak and canadian canoeing.

My Qualifications:

British Canoeing UKCC Level 2 coach with White Water MWE.

4* White Water River Leader

Discipline specifics: freestyle & canoe polo coach

Training and Assessments I Can Provide

1 star beginners kayak or Canadian canoe

2 star improvers kayak and Canadian canoe

3 star white water river kayak

Foundation Safety and Rescue training

Rolling Clinic

Freestyle Basics

Canoe polo

Paddleability, for those without full body use and aquired brain injury

Costs and Contact

  • Costs
  • Computer consulting £250/€300 a day, subject to negotiation.
  • Canoe coaching £100/€125 a day or £20/€30 an hour (plus certificate fees), subject to negotiation.
  • Contact
  • jriddell.org
  • Edinburgh, EU
  • jr@jriddell.org
  • +44 7941 938912